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A property manager is your skilled partner – a professional dedicated to taking care of your investment, managing your tenants and leveraging your potential. Rose & Jones managers offer the complete peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

Transparent in our approach, proactive with our communication and careful with our due-diligence, our approach is two-fold. It’s designed to balance the unique needs of tenants and landlords, so that everyone is confident in the security, stability and complete comfort of their home. We’re more than a dedicated team, we’re a supportive partner.



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Home-owner or investor, buying property is more than a transaction.

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With a firm focus on today and a keen eye for the future, our investment strategies are designed to pave pathways.

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We do our research, check our facts and always go the extra mile.

Rose & Jones
property management journey.

Our in-house property managers use leading-edge tech to ensure a smooth, dependable and supportive process for tenants and landlords alike. We treat every property with the same level of dedicated care, which gives everyone the peace of mind they need to soak up the rewards of their property.

When paired with well-developed systems and an extensive selection process, the Rose & Jones team are prepared for everything – always.

Although exciting, the process of design and renovation is a complex one that must be done right the first time. It is advisable from the outset to have the opportunity scoped and visualised by experienced hands.

Beyond the design stage, the appropriate resource must be appointed to ensure that the opportunity is maximised in a timeous and cost-efficient manner.

With a wealth of experience in project and property management in Sydney, Rose & Jones can be engaged to project manage renovations, big or small, towards on-time and on-budget completion.

Our longstanding relationships with a community of reputable builders, tradesmen, suppliers, designers and engineers mean we can appoint and manage the right people to do the right job for you, no matter how big or small.

The management of family property portfolios is a complex and highly specialised area. At Rose & Jones, we act as trusted advisors and managers to a number of high net worth families, who have acquired significant property portfolios over the years.

As boutique property buyers, property managers and advisors, we have a cross-disciplinary insight in respect to property acquisition, management and investment throughout Sydney.

As development managers, we have an astute understanding of the complexities associated with having numerous points of contact across a portfolio – and are adept at managing networks of professionals towards achieving both short- and long-term objectives.

In partnering our clients, we offer a one-point-of-contact service, streamlining the spider’s web of service providers and centralising information and control of all aspects of the portfolio.

We are acutely aware of the sensitivities that are presented by the intergenerational transfer of control and ownership – and work with our clients to implement structures that benefit all stakeholders and secure the value of assets for generations to come.

Our approach is akin to that of a private bank, in that the privacy of our clients is paramount. Additionally, two decades of experience and successful stewardship across varied family portfolios stand as testament to an approach that has consistently achieved investment objectives.

Our portfolio is your possibility.

Our clients are our community.

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