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An unparalleled commitment to achieve excellence ensures Rose & Jones is one of the most sought after buyer’s agents in the region. Our approach is built on the core belief that property is more than just a deeply personal decision. It’s a strategic tool to leverage your lifestyle – today and for years to come.

Rose & Jones buyer’s agents employ a time-proven network of connection, extensive industry knowledge and strategic negotiation skills to streamline the journey from acquisition to settlement and beyond. Whether you’re seeking your next home or you’re developing your portfolio, we’re here to offer an experience synonymous with ambition and perfection.









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Financial Expertise

We’re focused on your financial future.

Pragmatic Approach

We will never rush the delicate process of property procurement for quick results.

Exclusive Opportunities

We conduct every investment with integrity and have built a strong network or professional real estate connections.

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Knowing the real estate landscape in and out is the cornerstone of property success. A buyer’s agent offers you the advantage of years of experience, inside knowledge and extensive connections. As one of the most sought after agents in the country, Rose & Jones have the insight and foresight to leverage your potential.

Financial Expertise

We’re focused on your financial future. We combine our understanding of each client’s personal financial goals and situation with property-specific research to provide invaluable financial advice and secure property opportunities that comfortably elevate our clients’ potential.

Pragmatic Approach

We will never rush the delicate process of property procurement for quick results. Renowned for our due diligence, our quality over quantity approach will create the framework for enviable living today and generational wealth for years to come.

Exclusive Opportunities

We conduct every investment with integrity and have built a strong network or professional real estate connections. Not only does our reach provide us with exclusive access to ‘off-market’ properties, but it puts our clients in an optimal position to secure their dream asset.

Property Auctions are designed to create a sense of urgency in buyers. Their sole purpose is to encourage emotional-buying to achieve the highest possible price for the vendor.

For the buyer, it is an environment that demands the opposite – a sensible strategy with pre-defined price ceilings. These parameters should always be based on robust market research and a clear understanding of the seller’s motivations.

The auction environment is kindest to the buyer with a clear plan and a cool head. This sort of confidence, as with all things, only comes with knowledge, education and/or years of experience. That’s where we can help.

As auction partners to our clients, our role is to form a strategy that provides a solid advantage over the competition. This strategy could also include negotiating on and securing a property before the Auction even takes place.

At Rose & Jones, as a buyer’s advocate in Sydney, we offer ‘auction bidding and negotiation’ as a stand-alone service to many of our clients.

So if you have found a property that is due to go to auction, we would love to be your unfair advantage.

Selling a property is no less complex than buying – and of course, the stakes are equally high.

Unlike the selling agent, our fee structure is not dependent upon the sale of the property, which means our advice is 100% focused on helping you, the vendor, to achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

As property buyers in the Sydney market, we have a unique insight into the buyer’s motivations and vast network of local real estate professionals. This means we can offer our clients a unique and valuable perspective.

Our advocacy includes forming optimal sales and media strategies and partnering you with the best suited service providers to implement these strategies. We’ll connect you to the best real estate sales agents for your specific property, negotiate their fees, oversee any necessary pre-sale works and facilitate your connection to property lawyers and inspectors.

We’re there to negotiate on your behalf and help you make the best possible decision at each stage of the sales process.

If you are considering the sale of a property and would like a professional real estate buyer’s agent to advise you through the process, we’d love to help.

Since 1998, Rose & Jones have provided a highly personalised advocacy services for our overseas clients.

As dedicated buyer’s advocates, we’re skilled in very quickly forming a clear understanding of our clients’ needs. This personalised approach is what enables us to form a targeted property search that caters specifically to our client’s needs, every time.

At all stages of the process, we provide regular updates and 24-hour access to a personalised client-vault – where all information on all potential properties and all our market analysis can be found in real-time.

Once we target a particular property, we act in the way that is most likely to deliver favourable terms for our client. This includes negotiating on settlement terms, having appropriate clauses drawn into the contracts of sale and, of course, ensuring the best possible price for the home or investment asset.

Through our banking and accounting relationships, we are also able to access the necessary advice on finance, migration of foreign ownership and any tax implications that should be considered for your purchase.

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