Investing in Sydney’s Suburbs: Our September Favourites

Our beautiful home is renowned for its diverse neighbourhoods and vibrant lifestyle, preserving our history and beauty while trying to keep up with rapid growth. For property investors seeking promising opportunities, choosing the right suburb can be a game-changer. In this blog, we’ll explore four intriguing Sydney suburbs—Dulwich Hill, Maroubra, Rozelle, and Balmain—to help you make an informed investment decision. We’ll evaluate each suburb based on amenities, walkability, historical growth, future developments, and more.


Rozelle: A Village in the City

Rozelle, located in Sydney’s Inner West, is a suburb known for its village-like atmosphere. With its historic buildings, charming streets, and strong sense of community, Rozelle has become a favourite among those seeking a more relaxed city lifestyle.

Amenities in Rozelle revolve around Darling Street, which features a diverse array of shops, cafes, and restaurants. If you’d like to know our pick of the month, we highly recommend checking out Alegrias Spanish Tapas. Let’s just say there is a reason it won Australian Good Food Guide’s Reader Choice 2023. 

The suburb is also close to the vibrant Balmain Peninsula, offering even more dining and entertainment options.

Historical growth in Rozelle has been positive, last reported at 3.50% average annual growth, driven by its unique character and proximity to the CBD. Rozelle’s real estate market has shown resilience, making it an attractive prospect for investors.

Future developments in Rozelle include the proposed Bays Precinct redevelopment, which aims to transform the neighbouring area into a waterfront cultural and innovation hub, and the development of a new metro line. This could have a positive impact on property values in Rozelle, as it becomes even more connected to the surrounding developments.


Balmain: A Historic Haven


Just next door sits Balmain, another suburb steeped in history and character. Its charming streets, heritage-listed buildings, and waterfront views have made it a timeless destination for residents and investors alike.

Amenities in Balmain are abundant, with a lively dining and shopping scene along Darling Street. The suburb’s proximity to the CBD, combined with its historic charm, has driven consistent demand for properties in the area. Couple that with 15 parks covering a total of 8.8% of the suburb, it’s the perfect mixture of hustle and bustle and simplicity. 

Historical growth in Balmain has been strong, thanks to its enduring appeal and limited housing supply. Even with the turmoil of the past few years, Your Property Investment magazine reported houses in Balmain enjoyed a 4.40% in the last quarter. Investors looking for long-term capital gains have found Balmain to be a rewarding choice.

Future developments in Balmain are focused on preserving its heritage while introducing modern amenities. The Balmain Leagues Club redevelopment is one such project, aiming to bring new life to the area while respecting its historical significance.


Dulwich Hill: A Hidden Gem


Dulwich Hill, also located in the Inner West of Sydney, has been steadily gaining popularity among investors for several reasons. One of the standout features of this suburb is its excellent public transportation network, with light rail and train stations providing easy access to the CBD and surrounding areas.

Because of these features, it’s becoming an increasingly popular area for young professionals hoping to stay connected to the city while enjoying slightly lower rent prices and more amenities. 

Amenities in Dulwich Hill are plentiful, with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops along Marrickville Road and New Canterbury Road. The suburb also boasts beautiful parks and green spaces, including the expansive Henson Park. This awards Dulwich Hill a walkability score of 84, noted as ‘very walkable’. 

Historical growth in Dulwich Hill has been stable, with property prices experiencing consistent increases over the years. Its proximity to the CBD and the ongoing urban renewal projects in the Inner West make it an attractive choice for investors looking for long-term capital appreciation. 

Future developments in Dulwich Hill include the expansion of the light rail network and the potential for increased density, providing opportunities for investors to capitalise on this growth.


Maroubra: The Coastal Charm


Maroubra, situated in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, offers a unique investment proposition with its coastal location. The suburb is famous for its stunning beaches and relaxed lifestyle, making it a sought-after destination for both residents and tourists.

Amenities in Maroubra are geared towards beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts with 23 parks covering a total of 18.2% of the total area, plus, of course, the magnificent Maroubra Beach. The Maroubra Beach precinct has a lively atmosphere, featuring a range of dining options, cafes, and recreational facilities. This has attracted younger demographics with 20-29 year old the predominant age group. 

Historical growth in Maroubra has been positive, driven by its appealing coastal lifestyle and proximity to the CBD. The area has seen consistent demand from renters and homebuyers alike.

While being a little bit more of a sleepy suburb, future developments do include small infrastructure upgrades, such as improved public transport connections and potential urban revitalisation projects along the coastline. At this time, there are no major developments of note, keeping some of that good old Aussie beach charm in tack. 



Each of these Sydney suburbs—Dulwich Hill, Maroubra, Rozelle, and Balmain—offers distinct investment opportunities. Whether you’re attracted to the coastal charm of Maroubra, the village-like atmosphere of Rozelle, the historical allure of Balmain, or the convenience of Dulwich Hill, Sydney’s property market continues to provide diverse options for astute investors. 


When deciding on where to invest, it’s important to know all the facts. Buyers’ Agents have access to thousands of on and off-market opportunities and are extremely knowledgeable about suburb profiles, history and where you should be investing. At Rose & Jones, we’re locals with 25 years experience. We know how to carefully analyze each suburb’s potential for growth and stability in the years to come to make sure you’re making the best investment possible. Contact us today. 

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