Buyers Agent Vs Real Estate Agent Guide

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Buyers Agent Vs Real Estate Agent Guide 


Whether you’re looking to buy a house or an investment property, navigating the real estate market can be a challenge. Real estate agents and buyer’s agents can both be extremely useful when trying to purchase a property, and each has their advantages. Understanding the difference between a buyers agent vs real estate agent can not only help you to save money when buying your next house, but it can also save you time and give you a better chance of finding your dream property.


We’ll be exploring the roles and responsibilities of a buyer’s agent vs real estate agent, their roles and responsibilities, their market knowledge, as well as their negotiation skills.

What You Need To Know About A Buyers Agent Vs Real Estate Agent


From their suitability to buyers and sellers to their knowledge, and their advocacy on behalf of buyers, here’s what you need to know about choosing a buyers agent vs a real estate agent.

Roles & Responsibilities


In the real estate market, real estate agents and buyers agents typically play for different teams. Whilst real estate agents typically work on behalf of sellers as that is where they make their commission, they focus primarily on marketing and selling properties. From market analysis to staging homes, and negotiating with potential buyers, their efforts are geared towards achieving the best possible terms and prices for the seller.


Buyer’s agents, on the other hand, work exclusively on behalf of the buyer, as the name suggests. From performing comprehensive market research to helping their clients with mortgage pre-approvals, buyers agents help buyers every step of the way. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of the local market, having access to off-market properties, and negotiating to get the best possible terms for their clients, buyers agents can help buyers in a personalised way that real estate agents often can’t.

Dual Agency


When comparing a buyer’s agent vs a real estate agent, dual agency is an important distinction between them. As real estate agents can represent both the seller and the buyer in the sale of property, this dual agency means they are required to stay impartial, adopting a neutral stance. In this instance, the agent acts more as a facilitator than an advocate on behalf of the buyer, as they are unable to fully represent the interests of either party. When purchasing a property, this can be a disadvantage. When working with a buyers agent, as they are solely committed to the buyer, they can negotiate the best possible price for their client when a real estate agent needs to remain impartial.

When comparing a buyers agent vs a real estate agent, their roles can overlap in many areas of property transactions, however, the focus of their attention is where they diverge. Employing the services of a buyers agent means buyers get a far more personalised service, dedicated advocacy, and expert negotiation skills that can make a significant difference, and make up for the additional cost they might incur. 

If you are looking to purchase a new home or an investment property, the buyers agents at Rose & Jones can help. Highly experienced in dealing with property in both New South Wales and Queensland, they can help you to secure your dream property at the right price and with the right terms. 

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