“Scarcity drives value, the rarer an object – the more desirable; and therefore the more valuable it is.”

“Therefore – Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”


Understanding value and what it means to the individual, is the key to my successful acquisition for my clients. Whether it’s a home or investment, building a portfolio, buying a second home or investing in commercial property.

For over 25 years, I’ve enjoyed success in developing businesses across a number of industries. These include; construction, recruitment, media, finance, technology, international trading and property.

My extensive experience in Business Development, Marketing and start-ups ensures my clients benefit from a multi-disciplinary, solutions-based approach to solving their property problems.

I understand that homes are vital part of most Australians wealth creation – 70% of Australians have their wealth tied to their residences. A large driver being that the proceeds of its sale remain tax-free.


My approach to finding the right property for my clients: 

Understanding What Drives Growth Over Time

Ultimately, the right property needs to optimise three basic requirements – economics, functionality and lifestyle. I ensure my approach to buying for my clients is both quantitative and qualitative.

While analysis around property value and purchasing range are informative and important to buyers – capital growth is driven by a set of key fundamentals:

  • Location, including proximity to transport, schools, hospitals, cafes, parks and beaches
  • Asset quality, an optimal floorplan, natural light and aspect to name a few
  • The barriers to entry for the construction of new dwellings that might dilute the property’s standing in the market – particularly relevant for units

Therefore a property’s enduring value is based on patterns in human behaviour. A combination of its desirability and liveability – underscoring both is scarcity.


Understanding the Individual Needs of My Client

Every home owner or investor is unique. Understanding my client’s individual strategy, capacity and needs – then applying these to purchase the right asset is key to their success.

I’ve been able to consistently solve my client’s property problems and effectively manage the risk of some of their largest investments – their homes, and continue to build their wealth outside of their primary home through intelligent property investments.

Remaining cognisant of the future buyer profile and prospective tenant profile before purchasing a property is also a vital part of my long-term risk-management strategy.

Understanding your property’s growth trajectory and knowing the depth of its target market from the outset, gives you confidence when securing your first or next property.


My Property-Specific Experience

  • Over 18 years’ buying and advising on property purchases and assisting with sales
  • Professionally purchased more than $1 billion worth of property on behalf of my clients

Areas of expertise include all areas of acquisition, divestment and diversification – buying homes, second homes, residential investments, strategic portfolio building, commercial owner occupation, commercial investment, vendor advocacy, site feasibility, development sites and portfolio advisory.


Ethics and Sustainable Giving

I am committed to earning to give and sustainable giving. I am fortunate to live abundantly and have many privileges that aren’t afforded to all of us. While giving is important “sustainable giving” is more important.

10% of my gross revenue is donated to charity annually of this, 20% is donated on behalf of my clients to charities of there choice .

My clients trust and invest in me to service their property needs. While I am grateful to be of service, your trust in me is not lost on me. 2% of the fee I receive from you will be donated on your behalf, to a charity or charities of your choice. This is my thank you to you.

Charities I support ongoingly

Ozharvest – Focussing on feeding those in greatest need and providing food security. Equally bringing attention to the $20 billion per year in food waste

A Sound Life – Bringing yoga, music and meditation to those in need – hospitals, aged care, differently abled facilities to improve mental health and overall wellness. Plus providing bespoke yoga programs in the eating disorder units of hospitals

Help a School Foundation – funding education and food programs in Southern India

Classroom of Hope – Building schools, funding education for girls and building water projects in the developing world

Youth off the Streets – Helping to solve youth homelessness, education and rehabilitation programs for the most effected youth and food service to street kids (via Ozharvest)

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