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My clients are both busy professionals with a young family and they had been looking for a family home almost 2 years. They recently missed out on another property in Annandale and realised they needed help as they did not have the time to search for a property and complete all the steps required to quickly and safely secure a property.  After a couple of weeks of looking at property in the Annandale, and Forest Lodge area, the sales agent rang me last Monday to say he had just listed a property  that might suit and the inspection was at 8 am next morning. I loved the home as it would suit my buyers with their young family and would see them through their teenage years. Thanks to a very accommodating vendor and agent, I managed to get my clients through the home Tuesday evening. I then arranged for a building and pest inspection and organised for a conveyancer to review the contract and settle the terms of the contract. I provided my clients with a detailed set of calculations around the price of the property and that gave them the confidence  to put in an offer on Thursday afternoon.  The deal was achieved by 5 pm. My clients were thrilled and could hardly believe that they had purchased the house of their dreams so quickly and that they would be in their new home for Christmas.