At Rose & Jones, our objective is to help quiet the market noise for our clients, in order to find and secure the right property, at the right price, in an efficient and stress free manner.

As experienced property buyers in Sydney in a competitive and often confusing market, we achieve this not only through a detailed knowledge of the real estate landscape, but by paying careful attention to our clients’ aspirations.  We consider ourselves to be a buyer’s advocate, and as such our personal insight into your objectives allows us to be highly targeted in our search – and helps to recognise potential where less informed parties might not.

In assuring a completely stress-free process for you, as buyers agents,  we offer a full, end-to-end service that alleviates the burden of inspections, negotiations, attendances and the management of contractual processes.


Buying residential property is a significant investment of time, capital and emotion. In many cases it is likely to be the biggest single investment undertaken in one’s lifetime.

It follows then, that much like any other important investment, having a professional guide you through the process is critical.

Since 1998, we have acted as a property buyer’s agent and advisors in Sydney for our private clients; ensuring they make well-informed decisions under the most favourable terms.

Our clients have a broad array of real estate objectives, including:

  • Down-sizing
  • First home buyers
  • Accommodating growing families
  • Holiday homes
  • Investment properties
  • Buying from overseas

We have a detailed knowledge of the markets we operate in, coupled with an extensive network of contacts. As a dedicated real estate buyer’s agency, we are often granted access to properties before they reach the open market and are increasingly offered access to property that is discreetly available or “off-market” i.e. not publicly advertised. This exclusive access often means a critical advantage over other real estate property buyers in Sydney.

Once a property has been targeted and short listed, a structured negotiation strategy is planned. During this process, we leverage our knowledge of the purchasing process – utilising our experience and access to information.

We also factor in macro and micro market conditions, supporting these with comparable sales and market analysis. This provides you with even greater confidence in pre-acquisition decision-making, putting you in the best possible decision to secure property by either private treaty, pre-, during or post-auction.

The entire transaction is managed and overseen by your dedicated buying consultant, including all due diligence. This ensures you have a purchasing advantage far greater than the unrepresented real estate property buyer.

The real estate auction is designed to motivate a frenzy of activity and an exaggerated sense of urgency, in order to acquire the highest possible price on behalf of the vendor.

For the buyer, it is an environment that demands a sensible strategy with pre-defined price ceilings based on robust local market insights – along with the best possible understanding of a seller’s motivation.

The auction phenomenon is kindest to the buyer with a clear plan and a cool head – assets that can only be acquired through years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

As auction partners to our clients, our role is to develop strategies that offer them an edge over the competition; in many cases designing these such that favourable deals are achieved without the auction even having to take place.

More than 25 years of exposure to the local agent industry means we have an inside track and direct access to the sales agents with whom you are likely to be negotiating.

At Rose & Jones, as a buyer’s advocate in Sydney, we offer ‘auction bidding and negotiation’ as a stand-alone service to many of our clients. So, if you have found a property that is due to go to auction and you hope to weight the outcome in your favour, we would love to be your unfair advantage.

Selling a property is no less complex than buying – and of course, the stakes are equally high.

The labyrinth of service providers, advice and media noise can be overwhelming for many, so from time to time, our clients call upon us to provide professional advice prior to and even through the sales process.

Unlike the selling agent, our fee structure is not dependent upon the sale of the property, which means our advice is 100% focused on helping you, the vendor, to achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

As property buyers in the Sydney market, our extensive experience through the purchasing process and vast network of local real estate professionals means we can offer our clients a unique and valuable perspective into the optimal processes, sales and media strategies as well as the best suited service providers, from real estate agents through to property lawyers and inspectors.

So, if you are considering the sale of a property and would like a professional real estate buyer’s agent in Sydney to advise you through the process, we are happy to position ourselves at your side to help you make the best possible decision at each juncture.

Both foreign and ex-pat buyers continue to target Australia, both within capital cities and beyond, attracted by a number of key characteristics.

Beyond the obvious, there are further intangible attractions to owning Australian property. One being the historic link Australia has with many countries.

Since 1998, Rose & Jones have provided a highly personalised, full service search and acquisition process for our overseas clients.

As buyer’s advocates, we seek to gain a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives before launching a highly targeted search that includes regular updates and 24-hour access to as they are compiled.

Following a decision to target a particular property, an acquisition strategy is formulated and executed upon with a view to transacting based on agreed parameters.

Via our banking and accounting associates, we are also able to provide specialist advice on how to finance these transactions in addition to migration of foreign ownership issues or any tax implications that may arise.

For more information, or to speak with one of our professional team members, call us on +61 2 9327 6944 or click here to send us an email.