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Buyers Agency
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Car Spaces

Our client engaged us for our Vendor Advocacy service, to divest out of their property, which they had held for many years as an investment.

Having used our Buyer’s Agency services several times before, it was the natural decision to seek our advice when selling.

We began our services by providing a complete evaluation on their property; we then selected three top agents from the area to seek proposals from. Before appointing their selling agent, we reviewed all agent’s proposals and appraisals, negotiating fees and marketing costs as needed. Ultimately, we appointed the agent who we assessed was best suited – due to their knowledge of and volume of transactions in the building.

Throughout the campaign, we were the main point of contact for the selling agent. With this unique partnership, we were able to encourage the appointed selling agent to continually negotiate price with potential buyers. Likewise, once we an appropriate price point was achieved, we were able to guide our clients on which offer to accept.

The agent did a wonderful job achieving a fantastic price for our client, who are thrilled by the result.

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