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Evaluate and Negotiate Service, Woolloomooloo

This client initially engaged Rose and Jones for a full Buyer’s Agency Service to help them find an apartment after moving back to Australia. They were looking specifically for an inner-city apartment with capacity to add value.

Before engaging us, this client had already inspected a property they wanted to buy in Woolloomooloo. For this reason, we included an evaluate and negotiate service into their agreement. This way, if we were unsuccessful negotiating the Woolloomooloo property, we would then move straight into a full-search service to find them a new home.

The client engaged us on a Monday, by Thursday we’d negotiated on and secured the property they initially wanted, under budget.

Using our experience in negotiation, our relationship with agent, speed to market and our analysis, we established the property’s value in a shifting market and formed a negotiation strategy.

We then communicated with the agent the changes in buyer depth and property pricing over the preceding 3 weeks – supported by evidence. This resulted in us securing the property a short 3 days after the initial engagement.

Our client  took our guidance and strategy on board and moved quickly. This meant we were able to secure the property prior to Auction, for $250,000 less than the most recent sale in the building. The most recent sale in the building happened just 1 month earlier – this apartment had slightly better elevation and views, but was in comparable condition.

Being able to secure the property for under their budget means our client now has more capacity to add value. They’re now able to plan renovations and make this apartment the home he wanted.

If you’re looking for an Evaluate and Negotiate Service in Woolloomooloo. we’d love to help. Get in touch with Stuart Jones today.

evaluate and negotiate service Woolloomooloo