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This client engaged Rose and Jones for our Evaluate and Negotiate service to help them secure a home after moving back to Australia.

They were looking for a large family home they can renovate & add their own stamp to. Using our experience in negotiation, our relationship with the agent and our analysis, we established the property’s value in a shifting market and formed a negotiation strategy.

We communicated to the agent the changes in buyer depth and property pricing over last 3+ Months (with supporting evidence). Plus the current rising building costs and rising labour costs to support our offer. Additionally, we were able to use shorter settlement terms as key negotiation point. This meant our offer was accepted over another party’s who had put in a higher offer.

Being able to clearly communicate the value of time and current market conditions, we were able to secure the property for $200,000 below the guide. It was also under budget for our client, which means they now have more capacity to add value.

Our clients are now able to plan their renovations and make this into the home they wanted.

If you’re looking to buy a family home in this market, we’d love to help. Get in touch with Stuart Jones & Tessa Flanigan today.

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