We currently manage in the region of $500 million worth of property for clients, as well as a substantial personal portfolio of commercial and residential assets that has given us a rare and intimate insight into the needs and challenges that landlords face today.

Our expertise and unique perspective in the field of asset management means we can offer sound advice and processes for making sure that your valuable asset delivers on its potential with the minimum of fuss.

Our key areas of focus are:


We believe that securing reliable, long-term tenancies serves the best interests of our clients as well as our tenants.

That means that all of our tenants undergo a rigorous selection process which includes 360 degree reference checking – financial capabilities checks, thorough researching of rental history, for example:

  • Advertising the property
  • Selecting suitable applicants through reference checks
  • TRA investigation
  • Negotiating rent & terms of lease
  • Overseeing the execution of the lease


Throughout their natural lifecycle all investment properties require ongoing maintenance to ensure that they remain in prime condition, underpin growth and leverage the best returns

Rose & Jones makes light work of any maintenance and repairs issues. We will ensure that the works carried out are delivered to a high standard. Keeping on top of the small issues minimises the occurrence of big issues.

A unique approach to managing your property asset

Maximising return, protecting & enhancing asset value, minimising stress.