Every purchasing situation is different and everyone involved in the purchase has an interest. That is why a tailored purchasing strategy is so important. When I am buying a property for a client, I believe there are 5 essential ingredients to a successful purchasing strategy.


My recipe for success is set out below:

Lauren Goudy’s Strategy Recipe

  1. Vendor’s situation – why are they selling and where are they going?
  2. Agent – what is the agents selling style and how do they wish to transact?
  3. Budget – What figure are you happy for someone else to purchase this property?
  4. Plan B – what are your other options if this doesn’t work out and how much does this property mean to you?
  5. Competition – how competitive are you (or will you be at auction) when considering the price guide/your budget/other buyers

Once you have considered all the key ingredients above you can then formulate the mixture for one of the following delicious outcomes in order to secure your property:

  • Initiate negotiations prior to auction
  • Bid at auction
  • Wait for a property to pass-in and negotiate after the auction
  • Present an offer on a private treaty or off-market listed property

All of the above are served best with the support and expertise of an experienced Rose & Jones Buyer’s Agent by your side!


Written by
Lauren Goudy
Trade Secrets Revealed - Lauren Goudy