We are now well and truly into March, the holiday season is behind us and 2017 is in full swing. Vendors are ready to sell and more stock is coming on the market. What you may not know however is that there are far more sales occurring “off market” than there is on market.

As we have previously mentioned, in the past 4 months Rose & Jones has secured over $100m worth of properties, 70% of that was “off market”. That is a large portion of the market. So how can you ensure you are not missing out on suitable opportunities? By engaging a Rose & Jones Buyers Agent. Here is why…

Off Market

In 2016 “off market” transactions became very popular. With low stock levels, properties were in high demand (and still are). With stock levels low, some vendors are testing the market without committing to a full campaign. Agents are keen to share these opportunities with us as they know we have qualified buyers and in some instances, if the selling agent does not have an agency agreement for a property, they can only show other agents, peer to peer. By engaging a Rose & Jones Buyers Agent you are able to get ahead of the pack by leveraging our relationships with selling agents and securing a property faster. Stock is tight and having a Rose & Jones Buyers Agent sourcing out properties day in and day out can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. According to CoreLogic, residential property advertisements are lower than they were a year ago as at 26 February 2017.

As at February 2017

Capital City –  Sydney
No of NEW listings –  8,157
12 month change (%) –  -2.7%
No of TOTAL listings –  21,027
12 month change (%) –  -11.3%

Key Benefits to Purchasing Off Market with a Rose & Jones Buyers Agent:

  • Hear about off markets before the public
  • Leverage our relationships with the selling agents
  • Inspect before anyone else
  • Secure away from competition
  • Ensures your privacy
  • Pay a better price for a property off market than on market


On Market

Although “Off market” may be the new on market we are not just limited to helping you with off markets, we can help you get ahead of the pack just as much with properties on the market. Particularly in a heated market like we have experienced over the last few years, sellers are keen to go to market! With existing stock levels and high levels of demand vendors are achieving great prices for their properties. Buyer fatigue can set in and emotions can get the better of buyers leading to them paying well above market value for private treaty transactions and reserve for auction.

Key Benefits to Purchasing On Market with a Rose & Jones Buyers Agent:

  • We are across all properties that hit the market
  • Gaining access to properties before the first inspections to the public
  • Experience in transactions
  • Fast acting
  • Relationships with third parties to ensure due diligence is carried out quickly e.g. Building Inspectors, Strata Inspectors, Solicitors etc.
  • Act on your behalf at auctions to ensure you don’t pay more than what you have to, to secure


Written by
Shakira Martin
Operations and Marketing

Get Ahead of the Pack