Renting can be daunting the first time, even for home owners of 20 years looking to re-enter the rental market. You could be competing with dozens of people looking to find a home for the long or short term so here are tips every first-time renter can use to find their next home with confidence.

Lessen the financial pressure during your tenancy by forecasting the true expenses. The bond (4 x weeks rent), rent in advance (1 – 4 weeks), removalists, furniture, utilities, internet etc. Deciding your rent budget ideally should not be more than 30 per cent of your NET income.

Once you have selected a budget look for a location. Consider a suburb or town with the right proximity to your needs. E.g. close to schools, employment, transport, shopping, parks and distance to friends and family. Remember the more attractive a suburb is the higher the demand and usually means a higher price.

This is the fun bit but it can be time consuming and exhausting. Narrow your selection of property based on your top requirements in order of importance and be prepared to make sacrifices.

Is the property:
• In good condition?
• Are there signs of mould or water damage?
• Is there enough light?
• Is there adequate space and storage?
• How are surrounding properties presented?

Have everything prepared in advance of the viewing so the application can be executed promptly to the Landlord or its agent. Most good agencies require you to provide the minimum documents:

• Proof of income (a steady job is one of the most attractive attributes you can present on your application.)
• A positive recent tenancy reference (or ledger) and/or a character reference (especially if you have been a home owner).
• Photo I.D. (Passport + Driver’s License)
• Include a brief letter explaining who you are and your intentions.
• You may even like to increase your offer to lease!

Now fingers crossed! At Rose & Jones, our property agents want to present you in the best way possible to their valued clients.

For further information or to help you find your next rental property please contact James Maxwell for a chat on 02 9327 6944


Written by
James Maxwell
Senior Leasing Manager

First Time Renting?