Property is such an enigmatic contradiction: on one hand, a commercial vehicle for the preservation and proliferation of wealth, while on the other, an extremely personal matter of explosive sentiment and emotion.

It is a collision of head and heart whose successful navigation requires a combination of commercial experience and innate sensibility.

It is this insight that has shaped our processes since the inception of Rose and Jones in 1998.

Buying or managing, residential or commercial, we recognise that true value is found where commercial terms meet personal (or institutional) objectives.

So before we start looking, we start by listening.

In buying property, our role is not only to find and secure the property that meets your needs but also to help crystalize those needs in order to commence a highly targeted and efficient search. In this way, we achieve our two key objectives:

  1. Quickly finding and secure the right property at the right price
  2. Fashioning a positive and stress-free experience for our clients.

Having an intimate insight into our clients’ motivations is what makes us more efficient than most. It helps us to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is a constant reminder that we are not simply seeking to secure a piece of real estate – but more importantly, we’re pursuing meaningful aspirations, both sentimental and commercial, that our clients hope to satisfy.

Now, what could be more personal than that?


Hear our directors talk about what it’s personal means to them.