Establishing the Australian Buyer’s Agency model in 1998.

Rose and Jones Buyer’s Agency started from the sunroom of our family home in 1998, with one distinct goal – to give buyers fair & valuable representation in the purchase of real estate.

After setting out to buy our own property, we realised very quickly that unlike all other major financial decisions in our life, access to specialist advice when buying real estate did not exist in our market. The purchase of family homes and investment properties was still a process that was driven solely by sales agents, in favour of their vendors.

We wanted to change that.

After working our heads and hearts out to develop a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to buyer’s advocacy. We tested our approach through the only responsible way we could think of – by trying it out on ourselves. After several successful results and good investments, we knew our clients would have the upper hand from day one.

Since then, we’ve driven the purchase of quality homes and secure investments through rising and falling markets. We’ve protected our clients’ interests through global recessions and navigated all conceivable challenges and roadblocks. We’ve built and managed property portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars and secured the financial futures of thousands of families.

After 23 years of putting our approach to the test, we’ve never been wrong on a client’s purchase.

As Australia’s longest-standing buyer’s agency, our clients know that when they put their trust in us, they don’t just get a buyer’s agent, they get a passionate and highly skilled advocate that has the training and experience to be effective when it counts.

Now servicing clients in Sydney, Melbourne and all the way up to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW – we will always at our heart be a family-owned business that exists to bring real value and peace of mind to buyers in Real Estate.


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